If you over 18 and would like to test your training and adaptability why not apply to participate in challenge team?! We welcome applicants from any where in the world.

Click the link at the bottom of the page to apply and you could be in with the chance to feature in one of our future episodes or films. We will help you test your ability to adapt and overcome obstacles by setting you and other applicants a group challenge.


In order to genuinely test your ability we will not reveal your challenge to you until the moment it is due to start and the challenges we set may not be directly related to Parkour. We might ask you to climb Mount Kilimanjaro using just one leg, we might ask you to build a human bridge over a river in Vienna, we might even ask you to turn a myth into reality, we just can't tell you yet.


What we can tell you is that we will be there to capture every move as you strive to complete your challenge, your sure to have a good time and walk away with some memorable and potentially valuable experiences and people will enjoy and learn from your challenge team feature when its released.