Jason Matten
Managing Director and Film Director

Jason has been learning Parkour since it first arrived in the UK in 2003. Parkour's philosophy quickly helped direct his desire for self improvement towards a career in helping others, developing the original Parkour Video Magazine series in 2005 with the the aim of doing just that.

Jason is now an accomplished professional Parkour coach, working for TRACE to teach Parkour's philosophy and method to people all over the world; (www.TraceHQ.com). Jason also continues to help the discipline develop by working with British Parkour Coaching Association (www.BritishParkour.org.uk).

Ben Roper
Managing Director and Director of Photography

Ben received his first camera at the age of seven and has been experimenting with film ever since. His love for film helped him refine his skill and in 2008 he had all the necessary experience and equipment to work as a professional film maker, establishing his own production company, Ben Roper Films. (www.BenRoperFilms.com)

In accompaniment to this Ben has been practicing Parkour since early 2003 which means he knows exactly how much training goes into those few seconds of spectacular movement for camera. This is undoubtedly why he's never far from an un-missable shot.

Olivia Rowlands

Liv has always been involved in and had a passion for physical activities. In 2003 she fell in love with Parkour and became one of the worlds first female practitioners. In a massively male dominated sport Liv's determination somehow shone through and her vast experience and seemingly effortless skills have seen her become a leading figure in the discipline, inspiring both men and women alike.

Liv graduated from Canterbury Christ Church university in 2008 with a degree in sport sciences and is now a professional Parkour coach. She continues to help the female Parkour scene develop and works with the British Parkour Coaching Association whilst also forwarding her career in other areas associated with Parkour.

Teige Matthews Palmer
Creative Consultant


Teige has been training Parkour since 2003 and was first noticed for the quality and attention to detail displayed in both his movement and regular videos. Although a majority of his attention is now on his study of biology at Leicester university he continues to practice Parkour with specific focus on useful and efficient movement. Teige has played an important role in the re-establishment of PKVM, providing a fresh prospective on content direction and all aspects of production.


We were jumping off some buildings when it occurred to us;

We have the power to educate, entertain, inspire and improve the lives of millions of people around the world by combining two of our favourite things; Parkour and Film. So we thought we should.

PKVM- Capturing the movement of the moment

Since that day we have made it our mission to capture the latest Parkour developments as they unfold and deliver them to you in the highest quality possible, and we have got to admit, we love it! Bringing you a regular slice of Parkour splendour, with some extra fun and happiness thrown in for good measure is our ideal job, (if you can call it that?)

But on a serious note, our aims are:

  • Positively inspire people to achieve their potential and improve quality of life

  • Increase accurate awareness as well as safe and correct practice of Parkour

  • Capture, document and truthfully report Parkour's major developments as they happen

  • Provide the highest quality Parkour related education, entertainment and leisure products and services

And we will achieve this by:

  • Maintaining an open mind and reporting from a Parkour based objective perspective

  • Exposing people to Parkour's inspiring philosophy, methods and actions of its practitioners

  • Providing accurate information on all aspects of Parkour

  • Encouraging people to engage in the safe and correct practice of Parkour

  • Communicating with Parkour practitioners and related communities

  • Ensuring our ethos and high standards extend to all areas of our work