Here at Parkour Video Magazine we understand that we're not the only ones passionate about Parkour. We care about our users and encourage you to help us continue improving PKVM by letting us know your thoughts.

We welcome your feedback and ideas on anything Parkour or PKVM related, from company management to future episode concepts.
If we use any of your ideas you will be contacted with the opportunity to see them put into action and given full credit for your contribution.

Examples of feedback:
"AMAZING! Loved the old stuff soo much! Trailer looks awesome, i cant wait for high quality episodes!"
"How about doing a super hero themed episode where every one taking part dresses as a different super hero."
"You need to advertise on more websites because i only just found out about PKVM coming back!"
"I think it would be a good idea to adopt a more light hearted attitude. You could run a few comedy sketches with the people you feature in that episode."
"My idea is that you make a film about what goes into the production of a PKVM episode. I'm sure its really hard and it would be cool to see."
"I had a wkd idea for challenge team. How about making the challengers do an obstacle course blindfolded, doing anything blind is a mega challenge!"


We sincerely appreciate your constructive feed back. Thank you.